Amsterdam: 8-week notification letter to Ten Katestraat 61-63

The squatted buildings on Ten Katestraat 61 and 63, owned by  Rochdale, are also under threat, just a few days after the civil court case initiated by the owner of Ten Katestraat 49. The officer of justice Otto van der Bijl has sent the 8week notice, which means that the state itself, and not the owner, is taking initiative against the refugees. It is the first time  that a ‘We Are Here’ squat is treated under criminal law.

According  to local politicians, Rochdale still seems to have no plans and no  permits to renovate the properties, while the people occupying them have spent many weeks re-building the spaces (including toilets, showers,  electricity, floors and ceilings) and made them safe and liveable.  The  group has 1 week to start proceedings for the defence of the squats in court.
Come to the Voku next Wednsday, 7pm on Ten Katestraat 49, to support the cause.
Updates will follow.