Solidarity brochure about the persecuted anarchists of the Velvento case


A chronological presentation of the case

On Friday February 1, 2013, a double robbery took place at the local branch of the Agricultural Bank of Greece and the Hellenic Post office in Velvento, Kozani, Greece. Following a mass police mobilization in the whole area, one person was detained in the surroundings of Ptolemaida, and three more were arrested later on during a police chase operation.

From the outset of their arrest the four detainees – G. Mihailidis, D. Politis, N. Romanos and A.D Βourzoukos – declared themselves to be anarchists. The comrades were forced to stop a passing vehicle in their attempt to escape during the police chase. They avoided armed confrontation with their pursuers so as not to jeopardise the driver’s life.


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USA: Greetings from Manchester, Kentucky!

It has been a miserable chain of bus rides and holdovers through MDC  Brooklyn, FDC Philadelphia, FCI Petersberg VA, and USP Atlanta GA, but I  have finally arrived at my destination: FCI Manchester, a  medium-security federal prison in Kentucky. It is good to be able to  breath fresh air in the yard and get in the groove of doing this time.


Those who were upset about the lengthy sentence, rest easy knowing  that it will not break me: I remain defiant as ever, and encourage  others to turn that anger into action. The purpose of their politically  motivated prosecutions is to try to deter and silence us, so it’s on us  now to up the ante: to escalate the struggle, to create anarchy.
Thanks everybody for having my back.



ΗΠΑ, Κεντάκι: Χαιρετισμούς από τον Jeremy

Εως τώρα διένυσα μια άθλια διαδρομή με λεωφορεία και ενδιάμεσους σταθμούς περνώντας από σωφρονιστικά ιδρύματα στο MDC του Μπρούκλιν, στo FDC της Φιλαδέλφεια, στο FDC του Petersberg VA, και στο USP της Ατλάντα GA, αλλά επιτέλους έφτασα στον προορισμό μου: την ομοσπονδιακή φυλακή μέσης ασφάλειας FCI στο Μάντσεστερ, του Κεντάκι. Είναι καλό που μπορώ πλέον να αναπνέω καθαρό αέρα στην αυλή και να μπαίνω στο ρυθμό της ποινής μου.


Όσοι έχετε αναστατωθεί από την επιβολή μεγάλης διάρκειας ποινής, μπορείτε να κοιμάστε ήσυχοι γνωρίζοντας ότι δεν θα με καταβάλλει: Εξακολουθώ να είμαι εριστικός όπως πάντα, και ενθαρρύνω και τους άλλους να μετατρέπουν αυτόν τον θυμό σε δράση. Ο σκοπός των πολιτικά υποκινούμενων διώξεων τους, είναι να προσπαθήσουν να μας αποθαρρύνουν και να μας φιμώσουν, οπότε είναι η σειρά μας τώρα να ανεβάσουμε στροφές: να κλιμακώσουμε τον αγώνα, να δημιουργήσουμε αναρχία.

Ευχαριστώ όσους έδειξαν έμπρακτα την αλληλεγγύη τους



Solidarity with the hunger striker Spyros Stratoulis

Prison-bars2Comrade Spyros Stratoulis has been imprisoned since the age of 17. For 21 years now he is keeping a rebellious stance by participating into action

s, hunger strikes and revolts, but paying for his dignified course of actions with a large number of disciplinary punishments. Thr

oughout the years in prison he has been connected with anarchist fighters and political struggles inside the walls [T/N: in prison]. In 2008, he was kept in custody again occasioned by a wave of insurrections in prisons (the long struggle in 2008 with thousands of imprisoned hunger strikers in Greece -English subs ), after the attack against the anarchist John Dimitrakis by the prison guards. Today, the repressive mechanism, by exploiting telephone conservations of other people, is finding the opportunity to unfold its avenging rage by accusing him of participating in the so-called criminal organization “Thessalonica’s haunts”. Spyros Stratoulis is deprived of his prison leaves which he has gained with long fights while his time imprisonment risks to be extended indefinitely until the holding of the trial for his case. Continue reading Solidarity with the hunger striker Spyros Stratoulis

Comunicado en solidaridad con el huelgista de hambre Spyros Stratoulis

  El compañero Spyros Stratoulis está preso desde que tenía 17 años. Desde hace ya 21 años mantiene una actitud rebelde e inconformista participando en actos revolucionarios, huelgas de hambre e insurreciones y ha pagado con una multitud de sanciones disciplinarias por permanecer en este camino digno. A lo largo de su encarcelamiento se ha asociado con otros presos anarquistas y ha colaborado en acciones afines a la guerra social realizadas dentro de la cárcel. El año 2008 Spyros fue de nuevo detenido a causa de las oleadas de rebeliones en cárceles griegas provocadas por la agresión de los carceleros contra el preso anarquista Giannis Dimitrakis. Hoy la ingeniería represiva, usando el contenido de conversaciones telefónicas efectuadas por otras personas, muestra su cara cruel y vengativa vinculando a Spyros Stratoulis con una supuesta banda organizada llamada “Guaridas de Salónica”. De ese modo S. Stratoulis se priva de sus permisos de salida conseguidos tras años de lucha, mientras su detención se prolonga por un período indefinido, es decir, hasta que se haya juzgado este último caso.

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Solidaridad con el huelgista de hambre Spyros Stratoulis





JUEVES 9/1, 17.00


Stratoulis on hunger strike since 11/11: Latest medical report

2010_42655_58680_414x290        For the 4th time Spiros Stratoulis, on hunger strike for 59 days(since 11/11/2013), is transfered to the University hospital of Larisas, and for the 4th time he signs and leaves. According to his doctor Dimitris Mpampalis and his advocate Stratouli Konstantina Katsia, the treatment of the medical and nursing staff of the hospital until now is completely unethical, highlighting the right of the police forces to be at the place of examination and the prohibition of his personal doctor to have any contact with him.


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Jeremy Hammond sentensed for 10 years | His political statement


Jeremy Hammond has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. The statement Jeremy read at the hearing today, November 15th 2013, is available below. We are filled with regret for the decision handed down by Judge Preska and offer our sincerest condolences to Jeremy’s family. We stand in solidarity with Jeremy’s friends, family and supporters but above all we stand in solidarity with Jeremy Hammond. We will never forgive. We will never forget.

Note: As indicated, below is Jeremy’s issued statement of November 15, 2013. However, it was redacted, by order of Judge Preska. Below it, there is another Hammond statement that outlines what was in the redacted material. A source indicates it is Jeremy’s words from a previously unpublished text. We have obtained it from @ioerror pastebin link.

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From the Existential Insurrection to the Social Revolution – Polykarpos Georgiadis

I. “Only collective existence exists; only social existence exists. It is ridiculous to claim that Hell is the other. The other, as reality itself, can be a source of hinders, but it is also a source of possibility” K. Kastoriadis

“Real wealth is the development of the social individual”

Karl Marx

The existential insurrection, that is, the insurrectionary experience of “here and now”, doubtless is an essential part of the collective anti-authoritarian revolutionary project and we should not underestimate it: it re-connects visionary elements of the social revolution with current practical activities within existing social relations as well as it does not relegate action (as a theory-action unity) to a dark and undefined future. We are not expecting a beautiful Great Night that the sky will rain revolution. Instead, we activate our dynamics today and not in an undefined time of “mature and objective conditions” that detour in a metaphysical way from the subjective factor. Besides, in the current historical context, the objective conditions are over-mature, in contrast to the weak conscience of the subjective factor. At the same time, the insidious role of mainstream Left alongside our own inefficiency has played a major role to the current contradiction: on the one hand a class war at its peak, on the other hand a weak revolutionary movement. Continue reading From the Existential Insurrection to the Social Revolution – Polykarpos Georgiadis