Solidarity campaign with Total Objector of Army M. Tolis – martial court 14-03-2014 (Rouf/Athens)


On Friday, March 14, 2014, the martial court of the total objector of army Michalis Tolis will be conducted. The trial will take place at Rouf / Athens and is the number 1 trial of the day. Continue reading Solidarity campaign with Total Objector of Army M. Tolis – martial court 14-03-2014 (Rouf/Athens)

Greece: Solidarity with the NO TAV movement

Solidarity with the NO TAV movement (Italy-Switzerland-France)


Either here, or there, repression is the same!

As in Chalkidiki, where the local population fights against the demolition of their land by modern gold-diggers as well as the state, a continuous crescendo of repression threatens 300 hundred activists with revengeful prosecutions.

As in Keratea, where the local community resisted against the make over of a whole area – including archaeology findings – into a landfill and set a stop to a capitalist attack. Capitalists perceived waste management as a golden opportunity to profit at the expense of the physical environment, animals and humans.

As in Oropos, where the local population showed the way we should treat corporate traffic blocks protected by cops, that is, motorway tolls.  Continue reading Greece: Solidarity with the NO TAV movement

Σουηδία, Στοκχόλμη: Λευτεριά στον αντιφασίστα Joel – “Ο αντιφασισμός είναι πάντα αυτοάμυνα”

kärrtorpΣύμφωνα με τους συμμετέχοντες της εκστρατείας αλληλεγγύης για τον αντιφασίστα ο οποίος συνελήφθη στην Στοκχόλμη, μετά την ναζιστική επίθεση στις 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2013 “Ο αντιφασισμός είναι πάντα αυτοάμυνα”.

Σουηδία 2013: Η αστυνομία έχει φτιάξει αρχεία των νομάδων Ρομά βασισμένα στην εθνικότητά τους. Το σουηδικό συμβούλιο μετανάστευσης παίρνει τη μια απόφαση μετά την άλλη για την απέλαση ανθρώπων σε χώρες που βρίσκονται σε πόλεμο. Μπάτσοι συμπεριφέρονται με έναν ξεκάθαρα ρατσιστικό τρόπο κατά τη διάρκεια ελέγχων στο μετρό (επιχείρηση ελέγχων REVA αντίστοιχη του  ένιου Δια ). Την ίδια στιγμή στην Ευρώπη ο φασισμός αυξάνεται και πάλι. Ναζιστικά πογκρόμ σε χωριά Ρομά λαμβάνουν χώρα στην Ανατολική Ευρώπη.

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Αλληλεγγύη στους 11 συντρόφους/ισσες – Συγκέντρωση: Δικαστήρια Ευελπίδων (κτίριο 7), Πέμπτη 20 Φεβρουαρίου, 9:00


Το Σάββατο (15/2) το μεσημέρι, από τις 13.00 μέχρι της 15.00, πραγματοποιήθηκε μικροφωνική-παρέμβαση στο κάτω μέρος της πλατείας Αγίου Νικολάου κοντά στον ηλεκτρικό. Η παρέμβαση έγινε στα πλαίσια συνέχισης της καμπάνιας ενάντια στα κρατικά πογκρομ του “ξένιου ζευς” και τα στρατόπεδα συγκέντρωσης μεταναστών, αλλά και αλληλεγγύης στους 11 συντρόφους και συντρόφισσες που συνελήφθησαν στις 28/12- στη διάρκεια μοιράσματος-αφισοκόλλησης που προπαγάνδιζε την πορεία στις 11/1 στην πλατεία Αμερικής- και δικάζονται την Πέμπτη 20/2 στα δικαστήρια Ευελπίδων.Κατά τη διάρκεια της μικροφωνικής μοιράστηκαν κείμενα στην πλατεία ,στον ηλεκτρικό και στη λαική της Μιχαήλ Βόδα, ενώ πραγματοποιήθηκε και αφισοκόλληση στην ευρύτερη περιοχή. Η παρουσία της αστυνομίας ήταν ιδιαίτερα προκλητική με συνεχή περάσματα μηχανών της ΔΙΑΣ στους δρόμους μπροστά από τη συγκέντρωση και αρκετές δυνάμεις ΔΕΛΤΑ και ΔΙΑΣ να παραμονεύουν κοντά στην πλατεία.Κάποιες αστυνομικές δυνάμεις μάλιστα ήταν και στην κάτω μεριά του ηλεκτρικού κάνοντας “παρεούλα” στο γνωστό φασιστοειδές της περιοχής, με το οποίο υπήρξε το επεισόδιο στις 28/12.Το φασιστοειδές ήταν μαζί με 4-5 άτομα σε φόβο και αμηχανία και κάποια στιγμή ξεφόρτωσαν από αμάξι σιδερολοστούς μπροστά στους μπάτσους, οι οποίοι προφανώς για ακόμη μια φορά δεν είδαν δεν άκουσαν. Ο αγώνας ενάντια στους φασίστες, τους μπάτσους,τα αφεντικά, τους κάθε λογής ρατσιστές,ρουφιάνους και τις μαφίες τους θα συνεχίσει να δίνεται αδιάλειπτα (όπως δίνεται εδώ και τόσα χρόνια) στο δρόμο, στις πλατείες και στις γειτονιές αυτής της πόλης. Θα δοθεί και την επόμενη Πέμπτη στα δικαστήρια της Ευελπίδων στις 9.00 στη δίκη των 11 συντρόφων και συντροφισσών. Δύναμη και αλληλεγγύη.

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#FreeJoel Lets stop the nazi tramp of boots together!



“Antifacsism is always self-defence”, according to the participants in the solidarity campaign with the antifascist who was detained in Stockholm after the nazi attack on December 15, 2013”.

sweden 2013: The police have created records of Romani nomads based on their ethnicity. The swedish migration board takes decision after decision for deporting people to countries which are at war. Cops behave in a pure racist way during police controls in the subway (the REVA project). At the same time in Europe fascism is rising again and nazi pogroms against Romani villages take place in Eastern Europe.

We see all these developments and we hear a tramp of boots. Within this context, a few brave citizens in Stockholm’s southern suburbs showed moral courage by organizing a manifestation to state that “this shall not happen again”. A few hundred locals joined the demonstration against the unidentified nazi activity in Kärrtorp on December 15. Students were fed up with painted swastikas on their school. Families with children were tired of being afraid of the fact that black dressed nazis carried out military-like exercises in the local sport hall.

During this demonstration, the nazis from the organization Svenska Motståndsrörelsen [swedish resistance movement] made the decision to attack a totally peaceful manifestation of baby carriages with knifes, bludgeons, glass bottles, fire-crackers and sparklers. The antifascists that were there managed to push back the attack. Probably many of them went down the memory lane to their youth during the 1990s when several refugee camps were set on fire in sweden, they remembered the tortured face of John Hron before he was drowned in a lake, the fear for the serial killer of immigrants Laser-man because they also had dark hair. They probably saw these memories turning into reality in front of them again before they decided to take action and defend the demonstration using necessary violence to protect themselves and several families with children from not being assaulted by sweden’s most militant nazi group. That day no tramp of boots was heard from far away. The nazis were standing in front of them.

We have heard the tramp of boots before. But for once again, we realize that the oppressed need to answer the question regarding violence and not the oppressor. Is it right to protect yourself by using violence? We claim that self-defense against nazi assaults can only be defined as self-defense. The nazis attempt through attacks to scare and silence us. We have seen it before.

Probably, Joel came to Kärrtorp that day, on December 15, because he was tired of this sort of violence. Because he was tired of explaining to his children that one shall be afraid and aware of the nazis, especially if this person bears a dark skin. Tired of explaining why people in sweden are separated. Joel was arrested some days after the events in Kärrtorp. He is detained in isolation for more than six weeks now. Joel is a father, a colleague, a friend and a comrade. He was forced that day to use violence for defending himself. Because he had heard the tramp of boots during the whole of his life and he did not want that his children will need to grow up in a country where refugees’ camps are set on fire. He did not want to see this happening again.

We know that you have also heard the tramp of boots and together we will show that our solidarity is greater than their hatred. Release Joel! Antifascism is always self-defense. We should never let it happen again.

Amine and Alexander, both committed to support the campaign freejoel. Their article was published by the Free Magazine

Comunicado en solidaridad con el huelgista de hambre Spyros Stratoulis

  El compañero Spyros Stratoulis está preso desde que tenía 17 años. Desde hace ya 21 años mantiene una actitud rebelde e inconformista participando en actos revolucionarios, huelgas de hambre e insurreciones y ha pagado con una multitud de sanciones disciplinarias por permanecer en este camino digno. A lo largo de su encarcelamiento se ha asociado con otros presos anarquistas y ha colaborado en acciones afines a la guerra social realizadas dentro de la cárcel. El año 2008 Spyros fue de nuevo detenido a causa de las oleadas de rebeliones en cárceles griegas provocadas por la agresión de los carceleros contra el preso anarquista Giannis Dimitrakis. Hoy la ingeniería represiva, usando el contenido de conversaciones telefónicas efectuadas por otras personas, muestra su cara cruel y vengativa vinculando a Spyros Stratoulis con una supuesta banda organizada llamada “Guaridas de Salónica”. De ese modo S. Stratoulis se priva de sus permisos de salida conseguidos tras años de lucha, mientras su detención se prolonga por un período indefinido, es decir, hasta que se haya juzgado este último caso.

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Solidaridad con el huelgista de hambre Spyros Stratoulis





JUEVES 9/1, 17.00


Spiros Stratoulis: La lucha por la dignidad y la libertad

   El Lunes, ispantikastratoulisespStratoulis11 de noviembre de 2013 Spyros Stratoulis se declaró en huelga de hambre para exigir que se retiren los cargos en su contra mencionados arriba, y para que, así, le vuelvan  a conceder permisos de salida
   Spyros Stratoulis está preso desde hace ya 22 años y esperaba quedar en libertad muy pronto. Por esa razón, y de acuerdo con el proceso de su rehabilitación, la administración de la cárcel de Larisa le había concedido unos permisos de salida. Sin embargo, de repente dejó de hacerlo, porque la policía lo involucró en un caso civil llamado “Guaridas de Salónica”.

Action Day in solidarity with imprisoned hunger striker (60 days) Spyros #Stratoulis



Thursday 9/1, Greece


Dimadi square | 18.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Apertus squat

Monastiraki | 17.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Solidarity assembly for Sp. Stratoulis & Antiauthoritarian Movement Athens

Heraklion, Crete–>
Liontaria square| 18.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Sine Dominis

Thessaloniki –>
Kamara | 18.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Solidarity assembly for Sp. Stratoulis & Antiauthoritarian Movement Thessaloniki

Prefecture | 18.00 pm | Solidarity action | solidarity group

Global Noise Demo: New Year’s Eve 2013/2014

December 31st 2012 Noise Demo outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan.
December 31st 2012 Noise Demo outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan.

                                   Inside and Outside Prisons, Jails, & Detention Centers around the World

This event is inspired by the North American call out for a day of action against prisons in the New Year of 2010/2011, which happened again in 2011/2012 and again last year, & remains relevant unchanged:

Noise demos outside of prisons in some countries are a continuing tradition. A way of expressing solidarity for people imprisoned during the New Year, remembering those held captive by the state. A noise demo breaks the isolation and alienation of the cells our enemies create, but it does not have to stop at that.

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International call for solidarity from Sweden #freejoel


We, anti-fascists of Stockholm, call upon the international left-wing movement to show solidarity and support to one of our imprisoned comrades. He is in jail for defending a local community-organized anti-racist demonstration in the Kärrtorp area of Stockholm against a brutal nazi-attack on the 15th of December. Locals of all sorts, including parents with their children, elderly and youth, gathered in their neighbourhood to show strength against a nazi organisation that had been attacking local anti-racists and spreading nazi propaganda in schools in the area. They gathered in a peaceful protest when they were attacked by the most militant nazi group in Sweden with knives, sticks and glass bottles. Anti-fascists at the scene defended the local families from the attack and were injured themselves. One of the anti-fascists got arrested by the police a few days later altough the anti-fascists did nothing but defend themselves.

A week later, on the 22nd of December, the largest manifestation in modern history in Sweden against racism and nazism took place in the same area. Around 20.000 people gathered with a clear message: Nazis are not welcome in our society!

Altough the left-wing people of Stockholm showed strength we need your solidarity, your solidarity actions and your letters to our imprisoned comrade!