Communique on attacking “Palladium” internet-cafe, Exarcheia, Athens, Greece

On Tuesday night, November 26th, we rapidly assaulted “Palladium” internet cafe on Solomou street in Athens. We vandalized the interior, broke the monitors and the front glass window, set their server on fire taking all possible precautions to avoid any accident. We then left the scene collectively and securely, avoiding any unfortunate confrontation with the cops of team Delta (cops on motorcycles).

We were aware of various incidents involving that particular internet cafe. It was one of the favourite hangouts for the cops, something that the very owner of the place confessed to during the attack.

Every peaceful citizen who willfully puts on the cop’s uniform, everyone who impatiently waits for a cop to tap them cheerfully on the back for their services, everyone whose misery and servility has soaked every aspect of their personality, should keep this in mind: We won’t leave anything unanswered. As long as we’re able we will offer the snitches what they deserve: a nightmarish counter-answer for their slavish intentions. They’ve got names, addresses, shops and we know them. Their rationale is dangerous, their ideals rotten, they have consciously incorporated the obedient role of the snitch. They must be foolish to think we will leave them to their work without making them pay the consequences. Let people like the owner of “Palladium” internet cafe know that they will constantly be our target, as we show our detestation towards those who cooperate with cops. We owe it to our imprisoned comrades, to those who died and didn’t manage to fulfill their insurrectionary vision, to those who were screwed because of the snitches, as well as to those who struggle for the disturbance and deconstruction of social inertia.

We dedicate this particular action to the four comrades arrested in Nea Philadelpheia.
To the six anarchists on trial for the Velvento case and to all those who struggle confined by the walls of prison : Keep strong!