About the case of Jeremy Hammond

Jeremy  is currently facing federal charges under the Computer Fraud  and Abuse  Act (CFAA) for transferring information from the private  intelligence  firm Strategic Forecasting to the whistleblower news site  Wikileaks.  Written in 1984 and long criticized for being outdated and  vague, the  CFAA has seen increasing use against information activists in  an effort  to criminalize a broad spectrum of online activity.

Jeremy  was arrested in March 2012 and is currently held at the  Manhattan  Correctional Center in New York City. Though he is charged  with  committing non-violent offenses, he has been denied bail. Since his   jailing he has been denied access to family (one year) and friends (two   years) for minor jailhouse infractions. He has also been placed in   solitary confinement on two separate occasions. He has been awaiting a   trial date for over a year.

United  States attorneys charged Jeremy with five felony counts,  including  three under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Each of  the CFAA  counts carries a 10-year maximum prison sentence, with the  total  amounting to more than 40 years.

His  denial of bail is particularly detrimental to his ability to  defend  himself because he is indigent and the nature of his case  requires a  high level of technical expertise. As a technical expert  himself, he is  uniquely qualified to prepare his own defense. Nearly all  the evidence  against him is in computer files that he is only allowed  to access  during lawyer visits, which are difficult to schedule and  require  prison officials to coordinate with attorneys. So far, he has  only had  11 hours of computer time to review millions of lines of chat  log  evidence that have been handed over to the defense team.

Defense team

The court appointed Elizabeth Fink’s office to defend Mr. Hammond. Ms Fink  is best known for securing an $8 million settlement for inmates tortured by prison guards and state troopers after the Attica prison uprising and for the families of inmates who were murdered. She is joined by Sarah Kunstler, Margaret Kunstler, and Gráinne O’Neill.

What is Stratfor? 

Strategic Forecasting is a corporation that gathers intelligence at the behest of governments and large multinational corporations. Barron’s magazine once referred to Stratfor as “The Shadow CIA.” Additionally, Stratfor has a membership service that people, including researchers, subscribe to that provides information about current events around the world. Stratfor often targets individuals and groups with left-leaning political values. Some of its targets include: the Yes Men, Bhopal activists, PETA, Occupy Wall Street, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, and others.

International disparities

Several  co-defendants in Jeremy’s case live in other countries.  Significantly,  all four UK co-defendants received sentences which will  result in them  spending less time in prison than Jeremy has spent  awaiting trial. The  two Irish men thought to have participated in the  same series of  online protests will not be prosecuted at all.

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