Open letter of the armed mouvement to the prefect of Loire Atlantique, M. Christian de Lavernée.

Dear Christian,

You stated yesterday that “the institutional opposition against the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes must stop being the legal reflection of the armed mouvement”. In that sense, the easiest way to go would be to accuse you, Mr. Prefect, of smashing shop windows. However and after Saturday’s demonstration, we completely admit and stop hiding: we are a beautiful and well-intentioned armed mouvement.

We are an armed mouvement with beautiful common sense and full of explosive ideas, palettes and screws, sometimes stones – despite the fact that this landscape is dominated by mud and grassland – carrots and leeks, humor and tractors, miscellaneous objects ready to form barricades and a bit of gasoline just in case. Bandage for our wounded comrades, collective cantines and frenzy songs, books, leaflets and newspapers, wind turbines and pirate radios, rafts and rakes, hoes, hammers, picks and shovels, indestructable relations and ferocious friendships, shields, bows and arrows to please Mr Auxiette, salamanders and giant newts, boots and raincoats, sprays and liquid fertilizers, baldrics and ropes, grapple hooks and grakiatins, and always a significant number of people who will not let you destroy the zad.

You will not make us surrender our weapons.

And you, Mr. Prefect, when will you stop being the legal reflection of the armed mouvement?


The Black Bloc