Hunger strike at the Märsta refugee prison in Stockholm against deportations to Afghanistan

20 refugees at the Märsta prison, wing one, in Stockholm, Sweden, have started hunger strike since February 6. They demand their release from prison until they have a decision on their asylum applications. The hunger strike also is for showing solidarity with another inmate who has been in Sweden for a longer time and who has now been separated from family members. S/he is in a bad condition due to this separation. The hungerstrikers of Märsta have signed a manifesto for the release of their comrade. A young person (18 years old) collapsed on February 9 and according to information from inside the prison, the person was carried away by an ambulance on February 10. Six persons were moved from the refugee prison. A buss without registration plates took them to unknown place. There is no way to contact them. It is very obvious that the hunger strike was the reason why they were moved. Inside the bus, a special construction was installed to prevent people from the outside to see the condition of the refugees. There is strong evidence that those hunger strikers will be deported to Afghanistan.

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Source: Action against Deportation