Action Day in solidarity with imprisoned hunger striker (60 days) Spyros #Stratoulis



Thursday 9/1, Greece


Dimadi square | 18.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Apertus squat

Monastiraki | 17.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Solidarity assembly for Sp. Stratoulis & Antiauthoritarian Movement Athens

Heraklion, Crete–>
Liontaria square| 18.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Sine Dominis

Thessaloniki –>
Kamara | 18.00 pm | Solidarity demo | Solidarity assembly for Sp. Stratoulis & Antiauthoritarian Movement Thessaloniki

Prefecture | 18.00 pm | Solidarity action | solidarity group

Statement of the 11 arrested antifascists, members of the initiative against Xenios Dias and detention centers for immigrants in Greece

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“When on Saturday, the 28th of December 2013, we went out for a political intervention in the metro stations against the state-organised pogroms of “Xenios Zeus” and the detention centres for immigrants, we already knew who we had against us. A state that continually pushes towards totalitarianism and implements a racist immigration policy, conducted as a military operation. A police that not only legally enjoys excessive powers, but has the de facto right to ignore the law anytime and whenever it feels like it. The fascist/racist part of greek society which, to the extent that it coordinates with state policy, believes that it can say and do anything it wants against immigrants with absolutely no cost.

We also knew who we wanted to meet. Those who feel the need to confront the barbarism that is spreading, those who due to their position are in the receiving end of this violence. For this reason, a number of collectives of the area and of the centre of Athens decided to organise a number of similar interventions which will result in a demonstration on the 11th of January 2014. For this reason, we made sure that the texts, posters and leaflets that we were handing out were in 7 different languages. For this reason, we chose the multi-racial neighborhoods of Patisia, Ag. Nikolaos, Victoria as the area of our intervention. Neighborhoods in which there is a daily manhunt of the police against immigrants, and in which the holy alliance of cops/fascists/mafia and the racist “citizens’ committees” has written the most “glorious” pages of its recent history. Pogroms, racist attacks, mafia activities, constant police controls, detentions and arrests with colour as the only criterion, torture in the police stations.

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International call for solidarity from Sweden #freejoel


We, anti-fascists of Stockholm, call upon the international left-wing movement to show solidarity and support to one of our imprisoned comrades. He is in jail for defending a local community-organized anti-racist demonstration in the Kärrtorp area of Stockholm against a brutal nazi-attack on the 15th of December. Locals of all sorts, including parents with their children, elderly and youth, gathered in their neighbourhood to show strength against a nazi organisation that had been attacking local anti-racists and spreading nazi propaganda in schools in the area. They gathered in a peaceful protest when they were attacked by the most militant nazi group in Sweden with knives, sticks and glass bottles. Anti-fascists at the scene defended the local families from the attack and were injured themselves. One of the anti-fascists got arrested by the police a few days later altough the anti-fascists did nothing but defend themselves.

A week later, on the 22nd of December, the largest manifestation in modern history in Sweden against racism and nazism took place in the same area. Around 20.000 people gathered with a clear message: Nazis are not welcome in our society!

Altough the left-wing people of Stockholm showed strength we need your solidarity, your solidarity actions and your letters to our imprisoned comrade!

Διεθνές κάλεσμα αλληλεγγύης από την Σουηδία


Εμείς, οι αντιφασίστες/ριες της Στοκχόλμης, καλούμε διεθνώς όλα τα αριστερά κινήματα να δείξουν αλληλεγγύη και στήριξη στον φυλακισμένο μας σύντροφο. Βρίσκεται στην φυλακή επειδή υπερασπίστηκε μια τοπική αντιρατσιστική συγκέντρωση στο Kärrtorp στην περιοχή της Στοκχόλμης από μια βίαιη ναζιστική επίθεση στις 15 Δεκεμβρίου. Ντόπιοι/ες, συμπεριλαμβανομένου γονείς με τα παιδιά τους, ηλικιωμένους και νέους, είχαν συγκεντρωθεί στην γειτονιά για να δείξουν την αντιθεσή τους σε μια ναζιστική οργάνωση η οποία είχε νωρίτερα επιτεθεί σε ντόπιους/ες αντιρατσιστές/ριες και προωθούσε ναζιστική προπαγάνδα στα σχολεία της περιοχής. Η ειρηνική διαδήλωση δέχθηκε επίθεση από την πιο βίαιη ναζιστική ομάδα της Σουηδίας με μαχαίρια, βεγγαλικά και γυάλινα μπουκάλια. Η αντιφασιστική περιφρούρηση υπερασπίστηκε οικογένειες από την επίθεση ενώ τραυματίστηκαν και οι ίδιοι οι αντιφασίστες. Ένας από τους αντιφασίστες συνελήφθη μερικές μέρες μετά την επίθεση παρά το γεγονός ότι οι αντιφασίστες δεν έκαναν τίποτε άλλο από το να υπερασπιστούν τους εαυτούς τους και την συγκέντρωση.

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Ανακοίνωση RF για την επίθεση των ναζί στα προάστια της Στοκχόλμης

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Ούτε στην Στοκχόλμη, ούτε και πουθενά!

Ακόμη και μέσα στο ναζιστικό κίνημα της Σουηδίας, το Svenska Motståndsrörelsen (Σουηδικό κίνημα αντίστασης) θεωρείται το πιό βίαιο και σκληρό. Αντλούν την υπεροψία τους από τον κατασκευασμένο από τους ίδιους μύθο ότι αποτελούν τους πιο σκληρούς άριους υπερανθρώπους που δεν έχει ποτέ ξαναδεί ο βορράς. Την Κυριακή 15 Δεκεμβρίου, ο μύθος αυτός καταρρίφηκε για άλλη μια φορά. Οπλισμένοι μέχρι τα δόντια με μαχαίρια, ασπίδες και βεγγαλικά, 30 ναζί επιτέθηκαν σε μια ειρηνική διαδήλωση κατά του ρατσισμού όπου συμμετείχαν αρκετοί ηλικιωμένοι και μικρά παιδιά. Δυστυχώς όμως για αυτούς, εμείς [RF] και σύντροφοι/-ες από την AFA Στοκχόλμης [antifa] είμασταν επίσης εκεί. Μετά τον αρχικό αιφνιδιασμό και την προώθηση των ναζί, οι οποίοι πέταξαν προς την συγκέντρωση ότι είχαν πάνω τους, τους σπρώξαμε πίσω μάζι με τους ντόπιους. Οι ναζί διέφυγαν από την περιοχή ματωμένοι, αφήνοντας πίσω τους συντρόφους τους,τους οποίους περιποιηθήκαμε με τον τρόπο που αντιμετωπίζουμε τους ναζί. Το τελικό απότέλεσμα ήταν καθαρό: 28 συλληφθέντες ναζί, ένας μαχαιρωμένος, πολλοί αιμορραγούσαν – κανένας συλληφθέντας αντιφασίστας!

No pasaran!

A message from a comrade in Sweden regarding the nation-wide student demonstrations against privatizations

studentdemosweYesterday, Thursday the 14th, there were nation-wide demonstrations, sit-ins and meetings in Sweden.

All under the slogan #ockuper auniversitetet which translates to #occupytheuniversity. Sweden has never had a real student movement, not

during 68 or the 70’s and not after that. Nothing that compares to the events in France, Italy or elsewhere. The Swedish left wing, also it’s more radical elements, have always contained some skepticism towards organizing as students. In later years the autonomous movement has preferred to organised as precarious workers rather than students. There have been some organisations, currents and struggles, of course.

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From the Existential Insurrection to the Social Revolution – Polykarpos Georgiadis

I. “Only collective existence exists; only social existence exists. It is ridiculous to claim that Hell is the other. The other, as reality itself, can be a source of hinders, but it is also a source of possibility” K. Kastoriadis

“Real wealth is the development of the social individual”

Karl Marx

The existential insurrection, that is, the insurrectionary experience of “here and now”, doubtless is an essential part of the collective anti-authoritarian revolutionary project and we should not underestimate it: it re-connects visionary elements of the social revolution with current practical activities within existing social relations as well as it does not relegate action (as a theory-action unity) to a dark and undefined future. We are not expecting a beautiful Great Night that the sky will rain revolution. Instead, we activate our dynamics today and not in an undefined time of “mature and objective conditions” that detour in a metaphysical way from the subjective factor. Besides, in the current historical context, the objective conditions are over-mature, in contrast to the weak conscience of the subjective factor. At the same time, the insidious role of mainstream Left alongside our own inefficiency has played a major role to the current contradiction: on the one hand a class war at its peak, on the other hand a weak revolutionary movement. Continue reading From the Existential Insurrection to the Social Revolution – Polykarpos Georgiadis