Turkey: Demonstrations for the first anniversary of the Gezi Park occupation

Insurrection, Revolution, Freedom!

[Sources]Istanbul Indymedia, Sendika, Twitter.
Timezone: E.E.T.


Turkey [01:00] The newswire will stop for today. From Turkey to Greece and all over the world: Insurrection, Revolution, Freedom!

Turkey [00:25] Detentions from today’s protests up to now – Istanbul: 169, Ankara: 69, Izmir: 50 and Adana: 21.

Istanbul [00:20] The feminists and LGBTQ people are marching in alleys of Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [00:09] Many protesters detained in Mis Street. Police blockade continues all over Taksim’s streets. photo

Istanbul [00:08] The resistance continues with fireworks in Nurtepe. photo photo 2

Izmir [00:04] The demos are nearly over.

Istanbul [23:57] Police attacks the people in Bahariye. The protesters don’t want to leave the area. video1 video2 video3

Istanbul [23:55] The woman waits for emergency after police shot her with plastic bullet. video

Istanbul [23:53] There are detains in Sarıgazi.

Αdana[Early in the afternoon]There are information regarding the protester shown in the picture that he is seriously injured, after a police attack.Photo

Istanbul [23:50] Besiktas right now photo

Izmir [23:45] Izmir now φωτογραφία

Istanbul [23:45] A women was shot by police with plastic bullet in Mis Street. Police still attacks with tear gas and water cannon. video https://vine.co/v/Mpa7ElQVAj0 video

Ankara [23:41] The protesters use bricks from a house to make a barricade. The owner of house is letting them collect the bricks.photo

Ankara [23:35] The resistance continues in Tuzlucayır for the anniversary of Gezi. photo 1 photo 2

Izmir [23:32] One protester from Halkevleri, Alper Doğan, is assaulted by police.

Istanbul [23:23] Taksim now photo

Istanbul [23:20] Police attacks into Nane Street from Mis Street in Taksim. video

Istanbul [23:15] Many people are detained during the police attacks in Besiktas. photo

Izmir [23:13] Cops attack people with water cannon and tear gas while the protesters are singing for Taksim and Gezi.

Istanbul [23:10] The resistance continues in Okmeydani. photo

Istanbul [23:07] The people continue singing in Mis Street. video

Istanbul [23:05] Clashes in neighbourhoods continue φωτογραφία 1 φωτογραφία 2

Izmir [23:00] Cops attack again the protester in Alsancak. They also attack the people who are sitting in cafe.

Izmir [23:30] Gundogdu Square and Alsancak are under police blockade. photo 1 photo 2

Ankara [23:00] People continue to gather at the Tuzluçayır photo

Istanbul [22:55] People are singing and dancing in Mis Street, in Taksim. photo The people in Besiktas are playing leapfrog photo

Instanbul [22.52] Today, members of Erdogan’s Youth party, were moving in the same line with cops.

Instanbul [22.50] Istiklal avenue is full of cops together with members of Erdogan’s Youth Party. photo

Antakya [22:44] The people are shouting slogans against the cops after the cops used tear gas against them in Armutlu.

Antakya [22:41] The resistance continues with fireworks in Armutlu.

Izmir [22:41] The people are standing in front of the barricade set up against the police group with the water canon and sing “TOMA (water cannon), please come!”photo

Istanbul [22.40] 76 detained, 11 injured as Turkish police crackdown on protesters in Istanbul

Istanbul [22:35] Police attacked in Sarachane and deployed in front of Istanbul Municipalty’s building.

Istanbul [22:30] A woman stands in front of the water cannon and tries to block it. photo

Istanbul [22:24] The people are shouting to the police while police are detainig the protesters. One protester was taken back. photo

Istanbul [22:18] 4 protesters are detained in Besiktas. photo

Istanbul [22:17] Police went back from Nurtepe after the resistance of people. photo

Istanbul [22:15] A volunteer reporter, who was shot on the arm was treated near Mis Sokak. photo

Izmir [22:15] Police removed the cars from street and the water cannon is preparing to attack.

Instanbul [22:13] Erdogan’s dogs are hitting anyone that stands in their way.

Istanbul [22:12] The cameraman from DHA is on the cops’ side. In live broadcasting, he was smiling and shaking hands with the cops.

Istanbul [22:12] Police attacks to people in Sarıgazi while they were marching. The clashes begin.

Istanbul [22:07] Riot police and plain clothed cops blockade in Besiktas.Police attacks continues in Mis Street. photo

Istanbul [22:05] YDG-H (Kurdish Front) says they are still clashing with police in Gazi District. photo

Istanbul [21:54] One protester is wounded during the police attacks in Mis Street.video

Istanbul [21:53] According to their twitter account, one police vehicle is burned by protesters of YDG-H. (kurdish front)photo

Izmir [21:43] Police attack protesters in 2th Kordon, while they are marching to Basmane. The attacks still continue.

Denizli [21:39] The demo continues to Denizli. photo

Istanbul [21:36] The tear gas attacks continues in Mis St. photo

Istanbul [21:34] Cops attack with tear gas on Mis Street. photo

Kocaeli [21:33] The sit-in protest continues in front of AKP’S building.photo

Istanbul [21:32] Barricades in İstanbul, Kadıköy now photo

Istanbul [21:30] Police attacks protesters in Cihangir. video

Ankara [21:29] Clashes continues in Kızılay, in Ankara. photo

Antakya [21:28] Police attack people in front of a gas station in Antakya.

Istanbul [21:27] Groups of police stand at street corners in vicinity of Taksim Sq. Every 100 meters, another group of cops photo

Istanbul [21:25] The protesters are still waiting in front of TMMOB’s (Union Chamber of Turkish Architects and Engineers) apartment. Police attack people again in Fulya.photo

Ankara [21:25] On the Gezi Anniversary demonstrators retaliate with fireworks after police violence photo

Istanbul [21:22] Police attacks with tear gas in alley’s of Istiklal Street. photo1 photo2

Istanbul [21:20] Gazi district now photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Ankara [21:17] Sakarya Street gassed. Police detained protesters. photo

Kocaeli [21:13] The people are sitting against the police blockade in front of AKP building.

Istanbul [21:12] Protesters and riot police wait opposite each other in Ergenekon Street.

Antakya [21:12] Gezi anniversary march starts in Antakya. photo

Eskisehir [21:11] The people are watching documentary about Gezi for anniversary. photo

Istanbul [21:10] A picture from Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [21:10] Several residents have been banging their pots and pans on their windows to protest the police. Particularly in the Istanbul neighborhoods of Beşiktaş and Kadıköy since 9 p.m., following the call of Taksim Solidarity.

Antakya [21:08] The demo started. Hunderds of people are marching.

Istanbul [21:08] People try to escape from a cafe after police used tear gas to disperse protesters photo

Istanbul [21:00] Lawyers say there are at least 97 detained till now.

Istanbul [20:59] Water cannon attacks houses photo

Denizli [20:55] People march for the Gezi anniversary. photo

Adana [20:54] The police attack stopped and protesters come out of apartment buildings again.

Istanbul [20:54] Protester wounded by rubber bullet photo

Istanbul [20:51] Even journalists with official press cards issued by Turkish ministries are not allowed to enter İstiklal Avenue, which looks desolated except from police presence.

Istanbul [20:50] Police putting out a fire in the side streets off Taksim. Pots and pans being banged from windows photo

Antakya [20:48] Demos will start at 21:00 in Armutlu, where Abdullah Comert was killed by police last year.

Istanbul: [20:48] Taksim Solidarity continues the sit-in protest in Meselik Street.

Istanbul [20:43] Cops attack with tear gas in Asmalımescit in Taksim.

Istanbul [20:43] Earlier in Kadikoy photo

Bursa [20:41] The people are marching for Gezi Anniversary ‘this is just the beginning, our struggle continues’. http://www.odatv.com/images/resimler/bo-zztciuaepkzh.jpg photo

Istanbul [20:40] Police detaining demonstrators who defy protest ban on Gezi Park anniversary photo

Istanbul [20:39] Demonstrators on their way to Taksim, crossing the bridge from Kadiköy photo

Istanbul [20:37] There are 3 detaines from Macka Student Collective.

Istanbul [20:35] The people are sitting in Istiklal Street, one of protesters shouting to police ‘It’s a crime, please leave the area.’

Istanbul [20:31] Police attacks journalists in Tunel Square, in front of the Swedish Palace photo

Istanbul [20:30] Police attacks with plastic bullets in Mis Street, Taksim. video. Several people around İstiklal Avenue in Istanbul have been affected by tear gas. photo

Istanbul [20:29] Police beating and detaining two lovers in Istiklal photo

Istanbul [20:28] Out of nowhere 100+ plainclothed policemen w/batons raided Cihangir. Protesters dispersed photo

Istanbul [20:27] Police filming people coming out of a bookstore in Taksim

Istanbul: [20:25] Police attacks people in Acıbadem while they are marching from Kadıköy to Bosphours.

Ankara [20:25] Protester injured on his head photo

Istanbul [20:24] People staging sit-in as police does not allow to the side of protesters

Istanbul [20:22] Protesters burned the trees and houses as resist for TOMA photo

Istanbul [20:10] Police raiding Taksim Solidarity offices photo

Istanbul [20:06] Protesters on their way back to Besiktas after police attacks in Osmanbey.

Istanbul [20:04] Police attacks protesters with plastic bullets at Sakayik Street, in Sisli.

Istanbul [20:02] People throw eggs to the police from apartments in Nisantasi, Taksim.

Istanbul [20:00] Police blockade in Cihangir, Taksim.photo

Istanbul [19:58] Riot police deployed in front of Mephisto Cafe. The cop in charge threaten the owner of Mephisto Cafe: ‘I can order 10 cops to shoot everyone.’ photo

Istanbul [19:51] Police attacks with tear gas and detaines the protesters in Cihangir, Taksim. photo 1 photo 2

Istanbul [19:47] Some demonstrators shoot fireworks at police in the side strees of Taksim, while two children were reportedly detained for allegedly throwing stones at police officers with their slings.

Istanbul [19:40] Taksim Solidarity: “we will not make a statement until the police violence ends and we will not leave the area, either.”

Istanbul [19:30] A police vehicle (TOMA) uses water cannon to put out a fire in a trash bin near Galata Tower in the Tünel neighborhood of Taksim amid intense tear gas. video

Istanbul [19:26] HaberTurk TV reports that police used plastic bullets against protesters in Osmanbey, the neighborhood of Taksim.

Istanbul [19:23] Police also intervened in Istanbul’s Gazi neighborhood, a traditionally hotspot for street action, with tear gas and water cannons to stop the rally toward Taksim. The clashes between the police and the protesters continue.

Adana [19:06] Police attacks protesters with water cannons in Adana. photo

Istanbul [19:06] Detentions from undercover cops photo

Ankara [18:57] Cops attacked the demo. The people are gathering again. photo

Istanbul [18:50] Three organizations are gathering in Istiklal Street after Taksim Solidarity’s call. photo photo

Istanbul [18:44] Demonstratos gather on Sıraselviler Street near Saksim Square. photo

Istanbul [18:30] Taksim Solidarity protestors who were not allowed to Taksim Square started a sit- in protest.

Istanbul [18:15] Police starts to move towards Taksim Solidarity demonstrators with water cannons.

Istanbul [18:11] Taksim Solidarity starts to march to Taksim Square. photo photo

Istanbul: [17:55] Police attacks continue in Gazi District photo

Istanbul: [17:50] Crowds gather on Istiklal street and perfom folk dances together. photo

Istanbul: [17:37] Police keeps citizens in handcuffs while they run security checks on Istiklal street photo

Istanbul [17:19] Istiklal Street is getting more crowded.photo

Istanbul [17:10] Police blockade at Taksim Square. photo, photo.

Istanbul [17:00] Police cordon in Kucukparmakkapı Street. photo

Istanbul [16:38] ‘Gezi Library’ and ‘Gezi Commune Kitchen’, in Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [16:30] Taksim Solidarity met chamber of architects and will march to Taksin Square at 19:00

Istanbul [16:00] Cops started wearing their gas masks photo

Istanbul [15:58] The reporter from CNN, Ivan Watson, is released.

Istanbul [15:50] The people are protesting in front of Soma holding company’s building. photo

Istanbul [15:42] The entrance of Istiklal Street is closed by cops. photo

Istanbul [15:38] Cops at the streets of Cihangir. photo

Istanbul [15:30] ‘Don’t be afraid!’ in Taksim Square. photo Last photo of Taksim: photo

Istanbul [15:15] Police is deployed at the occupied train station in Haydarpasa. photo

Istanbul [15:00] The metro entrance has been shut down. The reporter from CNN, Ivan Watson, is detained. photo

Istanbul: [14:43] Water cannon and police bus are waiting at Istiklal Street. photo

Istanbul [14:36] Police attacks protesters while they’re reading books in front of Gezi Park. Photo

Istanbul [14:28] Main train station, Haydarpasa Station is occupied by small protester group. Photo

Istanbul [14:55] Taksim Square. Photo

Istanbul [14:00] A few protesters are reading book in front of Gezi Park. photo

İstanbul [13:00] People are getting together in Nurtepe Djemevi for Elif Çermik’s funreal. She passed away yesterday after being 159 days in a coma. photo

Istanbul [12:52] All the streets are closed throught Taksim

Istanbul [10:50] Gezi Park is closed by cops.