May Day protests

[Sources] Updates from comrades on the street, 98FM, counter-information websites, twitter. Timezone EET (Athens, Istanbul)


resistra [17:00] The newswire is stopping for today. Soldarity – Self-organise – The struggle continues. We won’t forget

Turkey [16:30] 9 journalists were injured in Istanbul photo

Germany [16:20] The antifascists in the demonstration against the neo-Nazi march in Dortmund were brutally detained by cops photo photo 2 photo 3 photo 4. Blockade in Plauen. photo

Turkey [16:05] MayDay demonstration in Mersin photo

Turkey [16:00] At Sisli sticks and knives in the hands of a strange group of people opposite to protesters. photo

Turkey [15:55] Water cannon attacks are continuing in Istanbul. φωτογραφία φωτογραφία 2

Finland [15:52] Anarchists detained in Helsinki. They were surrounded by cops before the march and detained under the pretext of carrying flags that can be used as a

Sweden [15:39] Another 2 detainees in the street Skolgatan in Jönköping.

Germany [15:35] Spontaneous action against precariousness at Bus station in Wuppertal photo

Turkey [15:30] Protesters stopped an ambulance that was going for replenishment of cops chemicals(!) photo

Turkey [15:30] The anarchist block; earlier in Ankara photo

Turkey [15:25] A further 2 brutal arrests in Ankara photo

Sweden [15:23] The cops have detained in total 6 people from the group of the antifascist demonstrators blocked in Skolgatan in Jönköping.

Turkey [15:15] Clashes in Besiktas continue. photo photo 2

Sweden [15:14] About 100 antifascist demonstrators are blocked by the police in the side street Skolgatan in Jönköping. Behind the cops there is now a police van. 3 demontrators intented to escape through a garage but were detained by the police. Police attitude is quite aggressive and comrades fear they are all going to be detained. Right now the police detained one more comrade.

Turkey [14:55] Injured cop photo

Turkey [14:42] The barrricades go up. photo

Sweden [14:41] Cops use batons against the antifascist demonstrators whereas nazis are allowed to simply return to where they came from.

Turkey [14:15] Ankara photo

Turkey [14:10] Demonstrators respond yet another police attack in Okmeydanı photo

Sweden [14:10] Blockade in Sweden against the nazi party SvP photo 2

Sweden [14:09] Demostrators sat down right in front of policemen on horses and are blocking both cops and nazis photo

Turkey [14:00] There is still a large block at Sıracevizler Street.

Germany [14:00] Banner dropping with radical left chants at Union gathering in Wuppertal photo

Sweden [13:56] 5 detainees in Jönköping.

Turkey [13:53] Recent news on in İstanbul suggest: 138 detained, 51 wounded. Clashes go on photo

Greece [13:50] The demonstration in Patras came to an end. There were about 200-300 people.

Turkey [13:45] There are police forces in every street in Istanbul. Nonstop arrests!

Sweden [13:43] Police is stopping antifascists in Klostergatan street. Demonstrators call out to police to arrest the nazis instead.

Sweden [13:37] Around 2000 antifascists against 200 nazis in the streets of Jönköping

Turkey [13:22] There are a lot of head injuries. Many of them members of TKP (Communist Party of Turkey)

Greece [13:20] The march is now reaching Sintagma square. About 500 people in the Black Bloc

Turkey [13:18] Taksim square is surrounded by cops not allowing the protesters to enter. photo

Sweden [13:13] Police is getting ready to block the antifa demonstrators from following the nazis.

Turkey [13:12] More than 100 detentions in Istanbul.

Sweden [13:10] @11:57 Nazis were booed on by the antifa demonstrators when they were shouting “Sweden for the Swedish”

Turkey [13:02] A little while ago in Istanbul. cop car

Turkey [13:00] The detentions in Istanbul continue. photo, photo 2.

Sweden [13:00] Two comrades from the anti-demonstration against the nazis march were taken by the police.

Greece [12:55] Right now the march is at Stadiou street. Riot cops are heading down Panepistimiou street. Stun grenades were thrown at Patision and Panepistimiou conjunction. Slogans were spray-painted on the shop Horiatiko. Slogans such us “Pimps we will hang you” are shouted. Protesters will spray-paint slogans on every open shop today.

Greece [12:40] Many flyers on the street “Unemployed and precarious workers should self-organise and fight together. Common struggles of both workers and unemployed”.

Turkey [12:35] Side streets in Besiktas full of police attacking groups with gas photo

Sweden [12:30] At 11:23. Every nazi will be protected by two policemen. That is to say, there will be much more police force today in Jönköping protecting the nazis than in Kärrtorp when families were attacked by a group of fascists some months ago.

Turkey [12:30] Mass arrests in Besiktas photo

Turkey [12:26] Detainees in Ankara photo

Greece [12:25] The demonstration has begun with 4 anarchist blocks. “2014-1886=128 years. In 1886 we paid with our blood, we will not negotiate it”.

Turkey [12:20] Police intervention continues in Istanbul photo

Greece [12:15] Intervention from 50-60 anarchists at the union premices. Banner dropping against the high security prisons. The banner read “Burn all prison cells. Lets sabotage the legislation for high security prisons”.

Turkey [11:54] Hand to hand solidarity photo

Turkey [11:50] In Istanbul the protesters respond using slings photo

Turkey [11:30] After the initial attack on DİSK, sisli the march continues photo

Sweden [10:41] Police circles people that wanted to demonstrate against the Nazis demonstration today in Jönköping with the excuse that they had their faces covered. The offences continue photo

Sweden [09:13] Jönköping free of nazis. The 1st of May Jönköping is going to be a nazi-free city. photo photo 2

Turkey [11:15] Police chief tells union reps to choose 50-person group and they’ll only let that group enter taksim square

Turkey [11:23] In Istanbul there are 10 injured civilians and 13 civilians are detained

Turkey [11:20] Earlier in Besiktas making barricades photo

Turkey [11:19] At Besiktas police intervention continues photo

Turkey [11:10] police chopper over DİSK cortege now photo

Turkey [11:01] Person fainted due to pepper spray photo

Turkey [11:05] Police threw gas into hospital again. photo

Turkey [10:58] Clashes in Okmeydanı continue photo

Turkey [10:54] A police car burning a little while ago photo

Turkey [10:48] Collective Health Unit provides support to those who are affected by the gas photo

Turkey [10:45] A young man shot in the eye by pepperballs #okmeydanı {{}}

Turkey [10:15] Metal workers stopped by police photo

Turkey [9.16] A woman trying to get to work battered by police in Mecidiyeköy photo

Turkey [09.10] Police attack with gas bomb in Besiktas. photo

Turkey [9.05] The police attack started in Besiktas.

Turkey [08.40] Police tell journalists only those with permission from the governor (?!) will be allowed through, the yellow press pass=no good.

Turkey [8.40] Every single road to Sisli is blocked.

Turkey [8.34] Istiklal avenue, police only!photo

Turkey [8.30] Halaskargazi Avenue in Istanbul is under police blockade photo

Turkey [8:10] At least 2 detentions in Besiktas although it is still calm. photo

Turkey [7:56] 15min ago clashes broke out in Okmeydani.

Turkey [7:30] Cops detain several people from Beşiktaş and is not allowing any gatherings.

Turkey [7:22] Journalists report not being allowed through from Mecidiyeköy to Sişli.