Greece, Athens – Vyronas: Police arrests anarchists for putting up posters!

Yetsrerday night after midnight greek policemen attacked and arrested 6 anarchists in a neighborhood of Athens for putting up posters, during the week of european elections and municipality elections, where Athens is full of official candidates posters. But what bothers them is exactly that. The antiauthoritarian context of of speech.

Despite the late-night hour, shortly after 2 after midnight more than 50 anarchists gathered outside the local police station demanding the immediate release of the 6 arrested. While they could not anticipate the solidarity reflexes, cause the incident happened in a small neighborhood and because of the time, the cops reacted in panic employing even a water hose against those gathered until the riot squads arrived in a hurry, immediately attacking with batons and flash bang grenades people in the quiet neighborhood of Vyron area.

Despite the attack some remained or came back to the police station forcing the police to free the 6 anarchists arrested.

Source: europeans against the political system