Athens, Greece: Demonstration against ECOFIN and the greek presidency of the E.U 1-04-2014

Demonstration against ECOFIN and the greek presidency of the E.U.

Athens [22:05] The detentions are eight so far.

Athens [21:40] Demonstrators are leaving. There are reports that approximately 18.000 people was the sum of the three demos today.

Athens [21:25] There are five detained demonstrators so far.

Athens [21:16] One part of the demo is blocked at Solonos street.

Athens [21:14] A protester is seriously injured on his head from the DELTA squad attack at Propylaia.

Athens [21:05] Earlier today (around 08:30pm): Riot police brutally attack protesters photo

Athens [21:03] Delta police squad (cops on motorcycles) are heading towards Akadimias from Panepistimiou. There are reports about many detentions.

Athens [20:55] barricade

Athens [20:50] Cops on motorcycles drove right into the crowd. A lot of beatings and arrests. Mass media report that there’s an injured journalist.

Athens [20:45] A DELTA police squad (cops on motorcycles) attacked the gathered crowd at Propylaia. The demonstrators retaliated with stones. Riot cops are trying to drive the protesters away from Propylaia.

Athens [20:44] Let it burn

Athens [20:41] Barricades at the conjuction of Omirou and Panepistimiou streets photo

Athens [20:25] Demonstrators tried twice to break police’s blockade. Cops responded with tear-gas. The crowd remains and returns towards Stadiou and Omirou streets. photo

Athens [20:22] Photos from the clashes photo photo

Athens [20:22] The protesters attempted to pass the riot police line at Kolokotroni statue in Stadiou street with. Riot cops tear gassed the crowd which retaliated by throwing objects. The crowd is trying to retreat.

Athens [20:20] Riot cops throw tear gas and smoke bombs against ANTARSYA’s block photo photo photo

Athens [20:18] flare cops at the old parliament

Athens [20:17] ANTARSYA’s block returned to Klathmonos square. Communist Party’s syndicate (PAME) is reaching Propylaia. photo.

Athens [20:12] Communist Party’s syndicate (PAME) stopped when it reached the rest of the demo.

Athens [20:09] The demo stays in Panepistimiou facing Omonia square. One part of the demo, consisting mainly of anti-authoritarians, remains in Stadiou street.

Athens [20:01] ANTARSYA’s bloc turned at Omirou street towards Panepistimiou or Akadimias.

Athens [19:55] One part of the demo is heading towards Omirou street while demo’s main body remains in Stadiou. There are cops in every street up to the parliament.

Athens [19:47] Demo’s head remains at the conjunction of Omirou and Stadiou streets in front of the police vans.

Athens [19:32] Negotiations between demonstrators and riot police, on whether the demo will advance towards Syntagma square.

Athens [19:28] The march is at Kolokotroni square. The protesters are heading towards the blockade set up by riot police at Amerikis and Stadiou streets

Athens [19:20] A lot of DELTA squads (cops on motorcycles) are at Stadiou and Christou Lada streets

Athens [19:09] The march is located on the Stadiou street at the intersection of Amerikis street. The street is closed. It seems there will be conflicts

Athens [19:04] The part of the demo from Propylaia has entered Stadiou and will join the rest of the demonstration.

Athens [19:02] Anarchists and antiauthoritarians -around 1000 people- consist the latest part of the demo.

Athens [18:56] The protest has begun. Around 3000 people photo photo photo

Athens [18:50] Propylaia overview photo

Athens [18:40] The crowd has taken the streets photo

Athens [18:40] The banner of the anarchosyndicalist initiative Rocinante photo

Athens [18:31] Freedom to everyone imprisoned photo

Athens [18:30] There are a lot of people at Propylaia right now. It looks like the protest is going to be big. photo

Athens [18:26] Riot police blockade is formed at the conjunction of Stadiou and Omirou street. People are joining at Klathmonos square. Stadiou street is closed at Omonia square. photo

Athens [18:22] EEK and ANTARSYA at Propylaia.

Athens [18:18] The banner of anarcho-communists assembly has arrived. There are about 500 people right now at Propylaia. photo

Athens [18:16] banner of the anarchsts-communists assembly against ECOFINphoto

Athens [18:03] Propylaia photo

Athens [18:00] OKDE and anarchists arrive at Propylaia.

Athens [17:50] Streets around Propylaia, Sina, Ippokratous, Panepistimiou, Akadimias are clear of riot police and undercover cops for now.

Athens [17:45] People are gathering in Propylaia. First banners from ANTARSYA and SEK in Korai. Free access from Panepistimio metro station.

Athens [17:41] Korai square photo photo