Greece: Solidarity with the NO TAV movement

Solidarity with the NO TAV movement (Italy-Switzerland-France)


Either here, or there, repression is the same!

As in Chalkidiki, where the local population fights against the demolition of their land by modern gold-diggers as well as the state, a continuous crescendo of repression threatens 300 hundred activists with revengeful prosecutions.

As in Keratea, where the local community resisted against the make over of a whole area – including archaeology findings – into a landfill and set a stop to a capitalist attack. Capitalists perceived waste management as a golden opportunity to profit at the expense of the physical environment, animals and humans.

As in Oropos, where the local population showed the way we should treat corporate traffic blocks protected by cops, that is, motorway tolls. 

In the same manner, a bit westward in Italy, Switzerland and France, a local movement has resisted for many years now environmental degradation and the construction of high-speed rails. It’s the NO TAV movement that is exposed to the same kind of saga, namely capitalist development, the same kind of persecutions  as in Greece, the same kind of repression. However, NO TAV also responds with the same tactics: self-organisation, street and mountain protests, direct action, sabotage.

All bosses follow a common path: to demolish societies and destroy the environment solely aiming to maximize economic growth and profits. These actions are backed up by state ministries, cops, judges and prosecutors. Let’s stop navel-gazing. Every single struggle is part of the overall struggle to subvert state and capitalist barbarism, it’s a struggle for land and freedom.

Either here, or there, solidarity is our weapon!

February 22, day of solidarity with the NO TAV movement
Gathering 2pm Saturday 22 February, in Monastiraki, Athens

Anarchists and those in solidarity

Source: athens imc