Athens, 1th of February: Antifascist gathering against the nationalist hate feast of the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn

Timeline of the antifascist gathering against the nationalist hate feast of the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn

Athens [00:38]

The Kurdish political refugee was taken to the Police HQ from the hospital. One of the mainstream media announced that “it is expected to be accused of having attacked the police”!

Athens [00:38]

Αn injured antifascist has his teeth broken and has serious wounds in his head caused by police violence. 15 armed cops follow him in the corridors while he is examined by doctors.

Athens [Photos]

In the following link there is some material from today’s anti-fascist gathering and the repression it received

Athens [22:50]

Two photos of the fascist chief squad Dareios Likiardopoulou who attacked with his squad the metro station. Dareios Likiardopoulos was the defence witness of Golden Dawn at the trial of the murderous fascist attack in 1998 against the student and member of EAAK (extra-parliamentary left in Greek universities). Back then one of the henchmen of Golden Dawn was condemned for this case. Dareios Likiardopoulos is known for his repressive actions at every serious protests. At the picture on the right dates from 2010 and we see Dareios kicking a photoreporter Photograph

Athens [22:25]

From briefings of anti-fascists and supporters that have gone to GADA police headquarters it is stated that young detainees accuse Delta policemen of trying to overrun them with their motorbikes.

Athens [22:15]

Invasion of armed OPKE (Special Police Teams for Crime Prevention and Suppression) cops in the radiology clinic of Genimatas hospital where the injured comrade is held for medical examinations. The doctors are yelling to the cops to leave.

Athens [22:00]

The assumed forbidden by the state demonstration of the Golden Dawn took place. It ended a while ago. At the same time that the state’s watchdogs had surrounded, restrained and attacked the anti-fascist gathering. The report until now is at least one severely injured who is currently hospitalised and a lot of detentions.

Athens [21:44]

We should mention again that the strategy of the cops is to arrest the ones injured in order to justify their atrocities.

Athens [21:44]

Urgent: People are needed at the hospital Gennimata where the injured antifascist is. They issued his arrest!

Athens [21:30]

From a mainstream media we are now informed that “the members of Golden Dawn gathered at Rigilis are now having uninterrupted their demonstration towards Evangelismos hospital, regardless of the police having forbidden it”

Athens [21:20]

Concerning the antifascist who’s injured and hospitalized: Armed policemen are standing just outside the door where the injured is located “beacause the situation is tensed”

Athens [21:09]

A comrade who was hit from riot police during the antifa demo is hospitalized in “Gennimata” with head injuries. Both comrades and cops are present at the hospital.

Athens [21:04]

“They have just announced through the Metro loudspeakers that they are evacuating the Monastiraki train station. Metaksourgio is also closed”

Athens [21:02]

Police in tube platforms chasing and arresting protesters. Protesters are running on the train rails in order to escape. Photo

Athens [21:00]

There are reports that an antifascist compa is injured. He has his teeth broken and plenty of injuries on the head from punches. The cops are at the hospital.

Athens [20:57]

There are detentions at Syntagma square as well. We should mention that there are literally many units of riot police in the whole area between the squares of Syntagma and Monastiraki!

Athens [20:56]

2 police vans arrived at Ermou to take those who are detained.

Athens [20:55]

We have another 3 detentions at a street perpendicular to Ermou by a DELTA team.

Athens [20:50]

There have been about 25 detentions behind the tube station at Monastiraki. There was an order to detain also a photo reporter who was taking pictures of the actual event. (via Kinimatini)

Athens [20:43]

Detentions in the tube station at Monastiraki Photo Photo

Athens [20:37]

Cops have entered the tube station at Monastiraki! Many comrades are trapped inside!

Athens [20:27]

The crowd has dwindled in Monastiraki square

Athens [20:36]

Protesters throwing rocks at cops at Monistaraki square. The square is surrounded by riot police

Athens [20:15]

There is a report for 5 detentions at Karagiorgi Servias, they are taking them to the Police HQ (GADA)

Athens [20:12]

A fascist was attacked a few blocks down from Monistiraki square. He was carrying a knife.

Athens [19:55]

2 police squads on Mitropoleos and Aiolou street corner.

Athens [19:54]

MAT following the demonstrators towards Monastiraki. Photograph

Athens [19:49]

The main block of the demonstrators is gathered on Monastiraki square

Athens [19:49]

Comrade was injured by cops outside the hotels, waiting for an ambulance

Athens [19:47]

At least 4 riot police squads are now heading to Monastiraki

Athens [19:44]

MAT head to Mitropoleos str.

Athens [19:41]

People gathering at Fillelinon str., the riot police is following them

Athens [19:40]

The anti-fascists march towards Monastiraki square via Mitropoleos str. Cops are following them. It seems that there is only a few people left at Syntagma square

Athens [19:39]

One person injured at Syntagma square nowPhotograph

Athens [19:35]

Teargas bombs on Syntagma square, the crowds are gathering in Filellinon str. The square is surrounded by cops

Athens [19:35]

2-3 minutes earlier, the cops attacked the antifascists from 3 different sides with stun grenades and chemicals, on Syntagma sq. People gathered at the lowest part of the square to re-group. A bit earlier, a fascist was attacked behind Grande Bretagne Hotel (on Syntagma sq). The MAT policemen helped the fascist escape. They held at least one person, maybe also a second one.

Athens [19:28]

The cops allowed car traffic around Syntagma square

Athens [19:05]

Antifascist patrol in the streets of Pagkrati, a few minutes earlier. More than 50 comrades with flyers prove who the streets and neighborhoods belong to. No sight of any fascists, just cops, plenty but keeping a distance. The comrades marched towards Ymittou avenue to Kaisariani.

Athens [18:59]

Cops put on their masks and are put in lines so they’re being prepared. As the time goes by more people gather and show their determination to stay on the spot. 4 riot police squads. People are forming human chains.

Athens [18:49]

Some mentions for about 1000 antifascists gathered this moment at Sintagma square

Athens [18:46]

Sudden tension when police riot squads appeared from B. Sofias str.

Athens [18:43]

Riot police next to the Greek parliament Photograph

Athens [18:37]

Picture from the banner found on the top part of Syntagma square (in front of the parliament): “The knife of the Golden Dawn member and the boot of the coastguard murder people of our class – Anarchists for the social liberation” Photograph

Athens [18:31]

Photo from the antifascist gathering at Syntagma square now Photograph

Athens [18:29]

Scuffle among fascists and Athinaikos football team fans at the traffic light at the end of Patision str. The fascist ran away towards the tube

Athens [18:23]

Ermou str., there are cops and undercover cops in every alley. Riot police at the ministry’s street

Athens [18:15]

Banner: “We shall crush them – Antifascist fronts everywhere- massive and social- Antiauthoritarian Movement”Photograph

Athens [16:42]

Attack to fascists outside Evangelismos Hospital

Athens [16:42]

This is how we understand aggressive anti-fascist action!!! a while ago…close to Nea Ionia tube station fascists were crushed by militants (didn´t get of which group). On the street there are scattered fascist-flyers, teared fascist-flags and fascist blod. One fascist fainted and was taken with an ambulance while his “camrades” ran away (source We Open Meligala´s well 2)



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