Solidarity with the hunger striker Spyros Stratoulis

Prison-bars2Comrade Spyros Stratoulis has been imprisoned since the age of 17. For 21 years now he is keeping a rebellious stance by participating into action

s, hunger strikes and revolts, but paying for his dignified course of actions with a large number of disciplinary punishments. Thr

oughout the years in prison he has been connected with anarchist fighters and political struggles inside the walls [T/N: in prison]. In 2008, he was kept in custody again occasioned by a wave of insurrections in prisons (the long struggle in 2008 with thousands of imprisoned hunger strikers in Greece -English subs ), after the attack against the anarchist John Dimitrakis by the prison guards. Today, the repressive mechanism, by exploiting telephone conservations of other people, is finding the opportunity to unfold its avenging rage by accusing him of participating in the so-called criminal organization “Thessalonica’s haunts”. Spyros Stratoulis is deprived of his prison leaves which he has gained with long fights while his time imprisonment risks to be extended indefinitely until the holding of the trial for his case.

   By using his body as his only weapon, Spyros has decided to fight against those avenging anyone fighting. He started a hunger strike since the 11th of November and he is still going on. His demands are the provision of new prison leaves and the pause of non-existent prosecutions that are based on unsustained accusations.

   After 55 days of hunger strike Spyros has already lost 20kg. He has been transferred four times to the university hospital of Larissa and every time he chose to return back to prison accusing the doctors for offensive attitude.

  The threat of the law and the violence of imprisonment are constituent principles of the multifaceted violence that is forced by the state and capital against the life of the repressed. A multifaceted violence that is impossible to be hidden in our days: from poverty and violent exploitation of the workers up to the repressive police force. From the concentration camps for immigrants and the racism against the most vulnerable parts of society up to the total surrender of natural environment and social needs on the altar of capitalistic investments. A multifaceted violence that is not left unanswered. From the people of Chalkidiki to the anarchist fighters, from the demonstrators and strikers to the armed struggle. The struggles inside and outside the walls of prisons are answering.

Everyone that raises his/her voice for the defense of Life, Dignity and Freedom could be in Spyros’ place.

Assembly of solidarity with the hunger striker Spyros Stratoulis