Greece 25.01:Report about the police invasion in my house

     Today, January 25, Ι returned home after a few days of absence for working outside the city of Athens. What I saw was a looting scene: my belongings were spread all over the place, whereas I realized that some of my stuff, such as computers and a big part of my political archive, from social struggles, were missing. According to my neighbours, the police raided my apartment on Wednesday, January 22.

    This intrusion was part of a spectacular repressive state operation   carried out ​​the last few days by the police and the counterterrorism   squad raiding anarchists’ and anti-authoritarians’ houses. An operation   much alike a “witch hunew01nt” aiming to contruct suspects, to target   anarchist militants and intimidate whoever resists, while the pretext  is  searching for Ch.Xiro [T/N:   member of the revolutionary group ‘November 17th’, who recently  escaped  from prison]. Police actions are accompanied by media  propaganda which  criminalises and distorts the anarchist  struggle.

   The recent pogroms are part of the state of emergency, as it’s enforced against society, together with the policies of brutal exploitation and impoverishment: Starting from the repression of demonstrations, strikers’ conscription and the criminalization of the social struggles – as in the cases of Halkidiki’s residents, the police raids against squats, political frameup against militants, the upgrade of the repressive legal artillery, the public humiliation  of HIV seropositive women, pogroms against refugees and state murders at the borders, such as the crime at Farmakonisi…

  As far as I am concerned, I am targeted by the repressive apparatuses because of my political identity as an anarchist and my participation in the social and class struggles which I will continue to fight along.

         – for a society based on equality, freedom, solidarity, without exploitation and oppression of human by human

         – for the social revolution, anarchy and communism. 

                 Leonidas P.