Antifascist demonstration in Athens against the rally of the neo-nazist party of Golden Dawn

Timeline for todays demonstration against Golden Drawn’s rally in Syntagma Square

ENG: [19.02] The Antifa demo is heading back to Propilaia
ENG: [18.20] Action against two undercover cops in the lower side of Monastiraki Square (tel. contact). Around 500 demonstrators in Monastiraki at the moment.
ENG: [18.03] Riot police vans on Amerikis st blocking the way to Syntagma (meeting point for #goldendawn demo) to 1000+ antifas
ENG: [18.00] The demo is larger than initial estimates. Around 3-4,000 demostrators are marching towards Stadiou Street (
ENG: Foto of the antifa blok on Stadiou Street : (@dromografos)
ENG: [17.54] The antifa demostation is reaching Korai Street
ENG: [17.52]  The demo is on Stadiou street and is heading towards Syntagma. No visible police blockade yet. Probably located by the old parliament (Kolokotroni str)
ENG: [17.40] The demo is approaching Stadiou str. There are more than 1000 demonstrators.
ENG: [17.39] Antifasist rally in Monastiraki (@dromografos)
ENG: [17.15]  The demo from Propilaia is about to begin. (Twitter)
ENG: Thessaloniki [17.10] Golden Drawn’s manifestation in Thessaloniki is cancelled – they chose to join the Athens rally instead (
ENG: [17.00] Around 300 people at Propylaea. Mostly leftist groups and the Antiauthoritarian Movement (AK).
ENG: The banner of the Pakistani community in Greece, who joined the anti-fascist demo in Propylaea (@dromografos)
ENG: [16.39] Three police vans close to Syntagma Squar (Louloudadika and Zappeio) and Propilaia (Akadimias street). Many undercover cops in the area.
ENG: [16.36] DELTA police units on every street around Syntagma Square.
ENG: [16.34] From Athens to Madrid: SMASH FASCISM AND STATE TERRORISM!
ENG: A second antifa banner on Monastiraki Square (@dromografos)
ENG: [16.25] Antifa banner on Monastiraki Square  (@dromografos)
ENG: [16.12] Around 200 fascists now at Syntagma Spuare. Cameras are banned by the organizers of the nazi rally. Riot police and cops around Ermou street and straits
ENG: [16.08] Riot-police around Monastiraki Square.
ENG: [16.06] Propilaia, Athens, now (@dromografos)
ENG: [15.50] Athens 3 riot-police vans at Syntagma square and a DIAS police unit on Mitropoleos street. 200 GG supporters on Amalias street.
ENG: [15.18] Athens The metro stations Syntagma, Monastiraki and Panepistimio will remain closed from 15.00 due to police security measures
ENG: [15.15] Athens 100-150 #GoldenDawn supporters in Syntagma sq.  Their rally is planned for 19:00. Banners hanged up, small flyers on the ground #rbnews
ENG: [14.17] Athens On Syntagma square there are already GG supporters
ENG: [14.17] Athens Around 20 neonazis (members of Golden Drawn party) near by Syntagma Square